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Project Portfolio Management aligns projects with corporate strategy thereby enabling a company to prioritise their portfolio thus allowing the effective allocation of resources to projects and therefore improving delivery.

Project Portfolio Management is an important discipline, which has delivered positive impacts to organisations, providing senior management with reliable information to assist in the decision making process and enabling

operational transparency thereby empowering management to respond effectively and efficiently to rapidly changing circumstances.

Integrated Project Portfolio Management (iPPM) is a suite of best practice PPM process, organisational change management and technical enhancements based on SAP Project Portfolio Management framework.

iPPM provides customers with an award winning structured approach to understanding and adopting PPM within their environment using industry specific road maps and key technical enhancements. iPPM will not only help diagnose and understand the challenges within your environment it will define a clear road map, underpinned by SAP PPM technology and our enhancements, to improve your organisations performance.

Features That Matter

Increase alignment between project planning and business strategy


Balance your portfolio based on risk, mission critical objectives and investment types


Focus resources on projects with the greatest benefit


Improve resource utilization by capturing, prioritizing, and matching strategic projects to available supply of resources


Gain clear financial visibility and control of capital projects


Streamline and enforce approvals for funding, resource, gate stage decisions, and ongoing monitoring


Increase visibility to identify project anomalies and risks, and make mid-course adjustments


Develop common project methodologies across the enterprise


Reduce project overlaps and yearly carryover


Who We Are


Our model is centered on relationships and value. iPPM Inc. is a leader in SAP PPM Consulting, Strategy and Assessment, Game Changing Solutions, Project Execution, Data Warehousing and IT Management and Performance.

Whatever your business, aligning with a partner that understands your organization is critical. We partner with our clients and make it our business to understand their business. You talk, we listen. We then couple management expertise and business acumen with information technology know-how to provide best-of-class options and implement technologies which are in alignment with the goals and strategic objectives of your organization.

Our offering provides leading Project Portfolio Management solutions and services. We specifically help customers identify the key challenges they would like to address within their business by applying project portfolio management and determine the likely benefits they would achieve by the adoption of a PPM framework to suit the needs of their business.


Behind every Engen Petroleum forecourt in South and sub Saharan Africa, lies a business planning process which must select which capital projects should be undertaken to provide the facilities on offer; and develop the supply chain, distribution network and manufacturing to support this.

With finite capital available Engen needed to select those capital investments which are most in line with its strategic objectives. The complexity in doing this lies in the large number of capital projects which are put forward for funding. These projects range from small-scale capital investments to maintain its facilities or supply chain through to large and complex engineering projects. Requirements arise from all the major centres in South Africa where Engen has its headquarters, through to the many countries in Africa in which it operates.

The challenge is not only in selecting the right projects. Engen must ensure it remains agile with its capital investments, responding efficiently and effectively to strategy changes, by changing its mix of projects, should this be required; and ensuring that once selected, capital projects are tracked and the intended benefits derived.

This led to the introduction of the SAP Project Portfolio Management (PPM) programme at Engen. Project Portfolio Management can deliver a positive impact to an organisation, providing senior management with reliable information to assist in the decision making process and enabling operational transparency thereby empowering management to respond effectively and efficiently to rapidly changing circumstances.

It aligns projects with corporate strategy, assisting organisations with prioritising their projects, and through this enabling the effective allocation of resources with the result evidenced in improved project delivery.




The City of Cape Town is faced with an environment that is becoming more complex and interdependent because of the increase in projects. Discussions and workshops across the organisation previously identified a broad requirement in relation to project portfolio management (PPM) processes and practices to improve the planning, selection and execution of capital projects thus improving capital expenditure.

Project portfolio management enables the alignment of projects with organisational strategy, thus enabling the effective allocation of resources to projects and thereby improving delivery. Project portfolio management (PPM) is an important discipline which can deliver positive impact to an organisation, providing senior management with reliable information to support decision-making processes and enabling operational transparency of projects.

The PPM project is an innovative first in local government in South Africa. Using the SAP PPM function, it entails a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to the design, implementation and support of capital projects from a people, process and technology perspective.

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